My Super Ex-girlfriend

March 1, 2008

No! This is not a movie review. This is a story about my long lost ex-girlfriend.

Have you ever wondered when the last time you met your ex-girlfriend was? I didn’t mean the newly ex-girlfriend who just broke up with you but the first ex-girlfriend that might be your first love. The one who has never contacted you ever since because you’re too busy with your current life and never turn your back to the past.

Well this hilarious story happened to me last night when I turned on the TV to watch the ‘Empat Mata’ show. Frankly, I don’t actually get into this kind of show but after a long day working on my project I guess there’s no harm watching this trivial show anyway. So there I was, sitting in front of TV watching this too cool are wanna (read:Thukul Arwana) guy as a host and the subject was rather interesting: the Indonesian Air Force.

As usual, the show ran pretty well. There were guests stars, the audience and the old-country-style joke from the host and of course, the mocking-which you can always see it repeatedly in almost every 5 minutes in this show. Anyway, since the topic was the Indonesian Air Force and its role in maintaining the aerial security, the host then introduced the special guest stars that came from the National Air Force crew: a male and a female and both are Jet Fighter Pilot. I guess he mentioned the type of the Jet that these Pilot fly, the F-16 made of US, which is considered as a high prestige for Indonesian people to fly this hot stuff aircraft.

The show went on with an interview to this pilot. I forgot the male pilot’s name but the female’s name is Anna or the-so-called Mbak Anna, which a common name for a woman. I didn’t notice in the first place until the host interviewed her. So here was my self-talking reaction when the camera started focusing on her:

“Wow! Is she a He? She looks very manly wearing that orange-jumper-uniform. How does she take a leak? Standing? Hehehe…Doesn’t look like a woman to me hey!” (Still unnoticed)

10 minutes later…

“Hmm…she looks familiar. Where did I see her face?” (Brain started to work but unfortunately, a bit too late)

20 minutes later…

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” (Downloading the face memory database less faster than a speed of snail)

45 minutes later…

“Oh My God! Is that HER? Is that MY EX-GIRLFRIENDDDD??????” (Biak! We have a problem!)

All of sudden, all the memories I had during my time with her came a crossed in my mind. It was like what? 7? 10 years ago dude! Not much happened at that time. We met each other in a basketball club and we had a relationship during my first year in university. It was only lasted for like 4 months anyway plus approximately 2 years in approach (is that a correct sentence?). In essence, she was my first love and the first female who unluckily had to hear an idiotic “I love you” words from me.

But look at her now!

Yeah I heard a lot rumors that she was a lesbian or a tomboy girl without any normal girl attitude at all. But that what makes her the way she is until now: a tough girl and yet attractive. Back then, I don’t know how many guys had been trying to go out with her but apparently she was a picky one when it comes to a love thing. Well I was lucky enough she chose me instead of everyone else, regardless the fact that the relationship was a bit flat for both of us. We had a little argument and decided to break up. I never heard of her anymore since then. I must admit, however, I still have a feeling toward her until now.

I didn’t recall she had a hobby in this Air Force thing. She was just an ordinary high school girl at that point. But people change, she changes. I was surprised by her new appearance in that show. I thought it was someone else. I didn’t expect that she would become a Jet Fighter Pilot. I felt both proud yet awkward seeing her in another ‘dimension’. But I guess she has found her own path in life. Apparently she’s very passionate for what she’s doing right now. My final expression that night was “Wow! I guess she’s more mannish than me now. Hehehe…”

Now this is something that you’re not gonna see everyday. Who would’ve thought that your ex has an unorthodox profession? But watching her in that TV show, sitting there explaining her job as an ‘agent’ in maintaining national sovereignty makes me hoping that there will be a time for me to do the same thing but of course not in the military area. Establishing career in Department of Foreign Affairs perhaps? Seems too good to be true eh? Well I’m just hoping she’s fine up there.

In the end, I’m not about to explain the feminism notion related with her job but I admire her for what she choose to be. I guess the Cinderella story does not always work in real life.

She IS my super ex-girlfriend!



  1. i don’t know whether i have to congratulate you or….. hehehhe 😉

  2. Hahaha…damn you!argh!

  3. I’m amazed. No wonder. You used to date a Butch. Cheer.

  4. Kenapa gak ada shoutbox sih?

  5. Again, i urge not to pay attention to that lousy Bastard which is literally a bastard. Just a minuscule insignificant individual who is incapable reaching his dream about “new world order by Bastard”. kefh kefh kefh kefh…..
    Shoutbox norak njis!

  6. There’s nothing new about you. Still crunchy.

    Saya tunggu tulisan-tulisan kamu berikutnya.

    Kata siapa shoutbox itu norak, Bajigur? Buat dong ruang untuk pengunjung blog elu mengekpresikan dirinya dengan cara yg lebih mudah, ketimbang harus give some stupid replies like this. Wkwkw.


  7. Malam

  8. emang penyesalan selalu dateng belakangan..hehehehe

  9. Malam juga sahabat.

    Kata siapa shoutbox itu norak, Bajigur?—>Gw njis!Mau apa kau?hah?

    give some stupid replies like this—>Give some stupid replies like THESE!, Learn proper English first, f*ckhead!


  10. Maaan!

    I thought this was going to something funnier. Maybe like ‘ouch, I didn’t know she was a he!’.

    But that ‘Biak! We have a problem!’ got me, dude.

  11. Yes, me mean THESE, Nerd!

  12. Oh ya, hampir lupa. Sebelum menulis, elu juga harus belajar tata krama mengetik yang benar.



  13. Yeah, semenjak ada gue, komen disini meningkat pesat. Positif bukan?

  14. Tah jelema sarap mah ngobrolna oge sorangan. Tong didengelah.

    Wkwkwk—>Bahasa planet dari mana nih?


  15. Bruakakaka. Tadi Adhlin telepon gue. Dia bilang gue kosongin acara di 26 April. Karena dia mau nikah.

    Beginilah kalo sering Ngaskus.

  16. Yaelaaahhh…!

    That news was like ages ago, Dude! Gw mah taunya udah sejak nikahan Vivi kali. Man! Where have you been? Does the city of Jakarta make you slooowwww? (Strong Sanni’s accent).

    Beginilah kalo hidup di dunia nyata.


  17. Baca dong statement gue. Itu kan gue tujukan untuk diri gue sendiri.

    Gak peduli simpati atau empati, elu gak melecehkan kehidupan gue aja udah cukup kok, Crot.


    Beginilah hidup antara dunia maya dan dunia nyata.

  18. Hiihihiiihihiii…

    Sip!Sip! Heu-euhh…! Kumaha maneh waelah ambeh gancang.



  19. Tuh khan. Khas elu.

    Mudah menyerah. Tidak exaggerate.


    Udah ah. Kayak YM aja chat di comments box. Gak enak ama yg laen.

  20. Wo wo wo…Chill out dude…ai cuman bcanda bro…ih sensi…masa cuman gara2 inter kalah aja jadi pundung gitu? bagaimanapun juga kan elu masih sodara gw.hehehe…;)

    Kan yg namanya pertandingan mah it’s not about winning or loosing-lah.yg penting proses ceuk Mr. Beny Dolo oge.

    Frankly speaking, it was a good game and i truly enjoyed it. But keep on practicing you guys and better luck next time bro :p


    Udah jg ah bosen. Mau masukin entry yg lain lagi…

    “Tidak exaggerate”—> GATORADE kaleeeee…! gragragragra…. 😀

  21. Mari ke lapak selanjutnya.

  22. heheh..
    sepenggal kisah lalu..

    arfin said:
    ” I must admit, however, I still have a feeling toward her until now.”

    —> hehehe…….

    Telpon Empat Mata Fin..,cari contact person wanita itu..

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